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About Us

Introducing our Pastors:

Pastor/Head of Staff
Rev. Marjorie Ackerman comes to us from the beautiful state of Michigan. After graduating from Lake Superior State University, Marjorie became very active in the Presbyterian Church and served as a commissioned lay pastor before earning an MDiv from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

While in Michigan, Marjorie worked very closely with small congregations and churches in transition for several years before moving to Omaha, Nebraska, to complete an internship in hospital chaplaincy. While there, Marjorie continued to work with churches in transition, serving as a bridge pastor and an assessor for the New Beginnings program.

With a strong passion for exploring possibilities and finding non-traditional ways to ‘be the church’ in the world, Marjorie is excited to be part of the Westminster Presbyterian Church family here in Decatur, Illinois. Please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself!

Teaching Pastor
Dr. Kovalcik is an Associate Professor of History at Millikin University where he teaches a broad range of topics including, general European history courses, Holocuast and genocide studies, African history, historical methods, and religous themes. He has been at Millikin since 2001, first as an adjunct, then as an Assistant Professor and now Associate. His educational background is as diverse as the topics already mentioned. In 1996 he graduated from Millikin and then went to Asbury Theological Seminary where he earned a Master of Arts in Theology. In 2008 he moved to England and studied at the University of Bristol, receiving a Ph.D. His dissertation was entitled “Medieval Sermons Preached Against the Jews, 1150-1350: Transmission of Popular and Religous Stereotypes.” He often quips “If you are up for a good nap, I’d be happy to share my research with you sometime!”

While pursuing his degrees he also served the Church in numerous capacities. First, he was a youth pastor for two years in Cincinnati, Ohio. While in Britain he was ordained by the British Methodist Church and traveled as a local Preacher. He was also on the Board of Directors for a Homeless Ministry in Bristol, England and served as a Missionary in Southern Brazil in the summer of 1999. From 2001-2006 he was the local Pastor of East Lynn United Methodist Church in East Lynn, IL, just north of Danville. Since moving to Decatur in 2006 he has been the assistant Pastor at Crosspointe Community Church, a non-denominational congregation just across the lake on Rt. 36.

Most of these endeavors are the result of his passion, but surpassing the “raw” statistics, is his love of family and friends. In 2000 he married Helene, also a Millikin alum. They have four children, Kaley (the ten year old artist), Emmery (the 8 year old champion swimmer), Isaiah (the 6 year old who is just like his dad, which means he’s loud!), and Sara Beth (the 4 year old who thinks she’s twelve). Having four chidlren who are 10 years old and under is time consuming and demanding, but he wouldn’t change the situation for anything in the world!

Dr. Kovalcik comes from a long line of pastors and has deep roots in Decatur. His grandfather was Rev. Dr. Harold Loyd, minister of First United Methodist Church in Decatur in the 1970s. Kaley, his older daughter was named after Jack Kaley a long time family friend who was pastor at Central United Methodist Church. His father was a Methodist minister and became a full time evangelist. His uncle is also a retired Pastor. Family reunions are loud!

Tim is excited about getting to know the Westminster congregation. Please do not hesitate to introduce yourself!

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