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Prior to the Saturday set-up, please verify with the church schedule that no weddings or other activities are planned for that Saturday.  Also, arrangements need to be made to get a key to the church for set-up purposes.  Finally, verify if there will be choir that Sunday.

Items to Purchase

1 sandwich loaf of white bread

1 sandwich loaf of wheat bread

(Note: there will be small loaves of bread in the freezer for use on the communion table.  If this are running low, please notify the Deacons so someone can make more)

Preparation Day Prior to Communion

1)    Cut the sandwich loaves into cubes (approx ½” squares).  (Tip: it helps to freeze the bread for a few hours before cutting).  Using the bread trays in the closet, place white doilies on 11 trays (10 if no choir) and place cubes of both the white and wheat bread on the trays.  Stack 1 set of 3 trays, cover with cling wrap and top with tray cover.  Then stack 3 sets of 2 trays and cover with the cling wrap and tray cover.  The final 2 trays are individual trays that need covered with cling wrap and a tray cover.

2)    NEVER USE OLD JUICE IN THE REFRIGERATOR.  Use unopened juice stored in the closet in the communion preparation room.  Fill 11 trays (10 if no choir) placing approx 15  cups within the tray (use 20 for choir tray).  Do not overfill the cups (about ¾ full only).  There is a white dispenser for filling the cups.  Stack 1 set of 3 trays and cover with tray cover.  Stack 3 sets of 2 trays and cover each stack with tray cover.  Cover each of the 2 remaining trays with tray cover (only 1 if no choir).

3)    Cut small loaf of bread about half way (so Pastor can split easily) and place  in plastic bag or wrapped in plastic wrap

4)    If there are no activities in the Sanctuary on Saturday, you can proceed to set-up.  If the Sanctuary is being used for a wedding or other activity, leave the prepared trays in the communion preparation room and finish the set-up on Sunday.

5)    Set-up instructions: Using the diagrams in the communion preparation room, set bread and juice trays on the communion table in the Sanctuary.  Place the small loaf of bread on the communion table.  If there is choir, set the bread and juice tray on the small table at the side entrance to the choir area.  Take one tray of bread and juice to the balcony area.

6)    Take remaining juice to the refrigerator by the Nursery (need it to fill pitcher on communion table on Sunday)

7)    Please notify the church office is any communion supplies are running low – doilies, communion cups, juice, etc.

Note: If you run out of the tray coverings, use the plastic covers at the bottom of the closet.  Place those trays in either the choir area or the balcony – NOT on the Communion Table.
Preparation – Day of Communion Service

1)    Remove cling wrap from bread trays (including choir and balcony trays)

2)    Fill pitcher on Communion Table with juice (less than half full)

3)    Remove wrap from loaf of bread on the Communion Table

4)    Place serving cart in the entrance to the sanctuary next to one of the benches

5)    Review diagram and make sure trays are set up properly on Communion Table and pitcher and chalice are both there as well


1)    Bring cart with bread and juice trays back to room.

2)    Empty bread trays

3)    Empty wine trays

4)    Wipe clean all trays and put them into their respective protective coverings.  Put back in the closet.  Don’t forget about the pitcher and chalice.  

5)    Put the chalice back on the Communion Table along with the bread plate and the dried bread loaf.

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